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Charley Horse Derby

Charley Horse Derby - Strategic Horse Racing

Charley Horse Derby - Strategic Horse Racing

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Players choose their jockey and are dealt 2 strategy cards. The jockeys race around the around the track for 1 1/4 mile. You can play strategy cards on your turn. You can also pick up cards off the track which are played right away. Use the tools the track gives you to send other opponents back or propel yourself forward.  Ride the rails for a shorter race or take the outside track to grab cards to jeopardize your opponent. You never know who wins till the last player goes.

Who can play

  • If you like Uno or Exploding Kittens then you will love this.  If you hate those two, you still may enjoy this one. 
  • Great for people that like strategy games but not hours of setup.
  • Kids young (9+) to seniors with bad eye sight. (Large font on cards).
  • Social people getting together for a few drinks and some fun.  Plays well with drunk anti social people too.
  • 4 Player game takes about 1 hour.
  • 2 - 7 Player game.
  • Standard & Wild West Edition(Available 2021)

Game Includes:

18"x29.5 Board

7 metal hand painted jockeys 

52 card deck

2 metal tins. 1 for cards and other for dice & jockeys

2 standard dice.

Instruction booklet.

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