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Moonglow Swarovski Bracelet

Moonglow Swarovski Bracelet

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Let this Milestone Bracelet be a personal reminder of just how individual and amazing you are. Maybe you’re embarking on an exciting period of self-discovery and change or celebrating one of life’s epic milestones. Let us help you define your personal journey by keeping a private moment close at hand. 

Our awe-inspiring lunar charm bracelet lights your path in darkness as it orbits the wrist in an artfully-woven adjustable gray or deep blue band, accented by stainless steel beads that speak to the strength of your resolve. 

A shining symbol of your connection with the universe, the moon is the most romantic and ancient metaphor of our ever-changing existence. It represents all that we desire in our lives, from beauty to fertility, ambition and strength – for both women and men alike. 

It is the moon that guides you through dark times, and it is your strength of character that will rise to meet these challenges. The Milestone Bracelet serves as a reminder to wear this blessing with pride—for we are eternal beings in an ever-changing world.

Make this Milestone Bracelet yours now by choosing a date that’s meaningful to you or share the love by gifting it to someone who makes your life even more amazing. And while on your journey, don’t forget to moon dance like no one’s watching!

- 10mm moon image

- Silver-plated charm

- 6” - 10” adjustable cord milestone bracelet (15-25cm)

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