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Find your Moon on that Special Day

 Our Classic Necklace combines an awe-inspiring moon phase charm with the luxe sparkle of a black swarovski crystal. It is a versatile piece with an elegant design that can be worn to compliment any outfit or special occasion, whether casual or formal.

The moon phase is a beautiful and captivating reminder of how life ebbs and flows like the phases of the lunar cycle. It reminds us that our lives go through cycles too. There are powerful psychological ramifications in connecting with one's own personal rhythms—slowly but surely understanding ourselves on a deeper level and feeling more grounded in our actions based on where we're at mentally rather than just following some arbitrary schedule imposed by someone else.

Crafted with a vintage feel in hand-finished pewter, each black swarovski crystal necklace is unique to the wearer. It's the type of jewelry that will never go out of style, perfect for daily wear or gifting to your loved ones who are looking for something classic yet special. 

The black swarovski crystal adds elegance with its sleek look and sophisticated feel, garnering attention from people around you. 

To make this piece of jewelry even more unique, we can engrave it with a moment you treasure. Simply select any special day you desire below, whether it’s your birthday, the day you tied the knot, or landed that well-earned promotion––every meaningful milestone deserves to be celebrated! Then hold your special lunar date close to heart in this radiant and timeless moon phase necklace.

- 13mm moon image 

- Pewter pendant

- 16”-19" adjustable black stainless steel chain (40-48cm)

Black swarovski crystal

Find Your Moon on that Special Day